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Mauthausen Orchestra

Anal Perversions

Label: Urashima

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Noise

Out of stock

Edition of 60 hand-numbered copies for this early industrial artefact, originally produced on tape in 1984 "Since 1982, the Mauthausen Orchestra, mastermined by Pierpaolo Zoppo, have developed their brutal tendencies, reaching, by the last productions, the highest standards of sonic power. With "Necrofellatio" begins the flirtation with the "Aquilifer Sodality"; sexual impetus, and the M.O. support the sound stimulation offered by The Sodality with their mastery of elating power electronics. Their complete devotion to extreme sexual pleasures makes their ultra violent attacks the ultimate enjoyments. The last cassette "Anal Perversions" reveals the M.O. more powerfully.[from the magazine Amen - September 1985]

Tape after tape Mauthausen Orchestra constitute, in a few years, the backbone of what we will know as an alienating and extremist style, made of metal nightmares and sonic torture , often dilated, dissected and extended up to the limit of endurance. Infinite modulations towards a sky that has now disappeared and locked in concrete. A fierce nihilism that overflows into the undefined territory between mind and matter, marking our brains and our skin. A single act of sensory rape trying to deconstruct any rational particle that approaching the sound composition. Mauthausen Orchestra was one of the most important musical projects of the Italian industrial scene and has contributed to the birth of the power electronics and harsh noise across the globe.

The record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with white label and white inner sleeve and comes in a white sleeve with original tape artwork pasted on front w/insert, limited to 60 hand numberd copies.
Technical note: for this second reissue on Urashima was made a new matrix for vinyl press.

Cat. number: UMA 031
Year: 2017