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dna le draw d kee

Dna le draw d kee
€ 10.00
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dna le draw d kee - Dna le draw d kee

dna le draw d kee

Dna le draw d kee

€ 10.00

LABEL: Soleilmoon
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. SOL 56 CD | YEAR. (1998)

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DNA Le Draw D Kee is an anagram for "Edward and Elke," as in Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots and his former wife Elke Skelter. The two were asked to contribute a piece to the ambient release for the Korm Plastics series. Ka-Spel explains that "the term 'ambient' had become synonymous with any floating landscape which oozed out of a set of speakers at the time. The estimable Brian Eno was of course the man who first coined the term 'ambient music' years before to describe records which were meant to be as ignorable as they were enjoyable. We decided to go for the enjoyable angle, as the ignorable option had been overused by many." DNA Le Draw D Kee has produced only one record that definitely draws from the more atmospheric qualities of the Legendary Pink Dots. On the lengthy track, "Decay," distant music box lullabies, odd zoological samples, occasional surges of radio noise, and simple tribal drum circle rhythms jump out as a few of the more aurally dominant sounds within the beautifully spiraling electronics.

Jesse Ashlock

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1   Decay 21:13  
2   DNA 18:09