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Hole in the heart
€ 16.00
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ramleh - Hole in the heart


Hole in the heart

€ 16.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CDx2 | CATALOG N. DPROMDCD73 | YEAR. (2009)

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Here at last, is part of the "missing link" in the long and ever evolving history of ramleh. This material bridges the gap between the (for want of a better description) early "power electronics” material and the (for want of a better description) later "noise rock" . Neither of these terms do justice to this pioneering group led by Gary Mundy. Originally issued by Gary's own "Broken Flag” label in 1987 on cassette, "Hole in the Heart" is presented here, both expanded and remastered on a double CD set. To quote Anthony Di Franco (the other half of the band these days) : "...swirling phased feedback, fuzzed vocals and guitars. At the same time there were melodies, words and structures in the music, which itself consisted of very simple electronic and acoustic elements magnified to a colossal scale..." This music has a harmonic beauty, if you look for it, that all its imitators lack. Listen and you will hear the genesis of what was to follow from many 90's underground bands such as label mates and close collaborators, Skullflower. This double CD set in packaged in the classic "Broken Flag" stark, monochrome style and encased in a wonderful double "Super Jewel Box".

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Disc 1

1. Bite The Bolster
2. Do Not Come Near
3. Redcap Part I
4. Redcap Part II
5. Redcap Part III
6. Redcap Part IV
7. Redcap Part V
8. Redcap Part VI

Disc 2

1. Spear Flowers
2. Hole In The Heart
3. Product Of Fear
4. Grazing On Fear 2
5. True Religion