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Makigami KOICHI

Moon ether

Label: Doubtmusic

Format: CD

In stock

Voice and theremin solo. Makigami Koichi is one of best voice performer in the world. Moon ether is his improvisation of voice and theremin except 1 & 11 are Asian folksong. This works includes his marvelous Khoomii singing -double voice, humor, free theremin playing, a taste of impromptu talent, sound effect, etc... Shadowlike, the theremin sings. The ether dances Makigami Koichi. Makigami Koichi ; voice, throat, theremin with moogerfooger. Recorded and mixed by Makigami Koichi, dec, 2005 - feb, 2006 at 1714 studio, Atami. Mastered by Makigami Koichi. Produced by Makigami Koichi & Numata Jun. All compositions by Makigami Koichi, except 1 & 11 Tuva folk song.
Cat. number: dms-107
Year: 2006