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janek schaefer

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janek schaefer


€ 15.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. K 017 | YEAR. (1999)

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Janek Schaefer is an architect. This might explain his vision on his music. A good building closes up into your memory without you even noticing it. The same goes for Schaefer's soundsculptures. Clearly structured soundloops baffling their way into perception. You can use his music in art-galleries, train-stations, living-rooms: anywhere really. Each time/place conducts his work to a different perception. Even a high volume or low volume defines another way in the listening experience which unfolds upon your ears. Janek Schaefer is one of the leading persons in the Turntable Terrorist wave nowadays. He only works with one sound-source, namely The Triphonic turntable, which he invented. The manipulations that he causes, create a spectacular result: sounds coincide, clash together and fade away. This CD collects two live concerts: one during the Fat Cat evening in Zaal België, Hasselt and one performance recorded during a session in a nuclear bunker in Scotland. But Schaefer doesn't see those two long pieces as just two live pieces -- they are his two best performances and he cares about them. And it is the only recording that he wants to release to represent his public work. So this CD doesn't belongs at all in the compartment of cheap live recordings pushed by the fucking music industry. The two sound-spheres are at the razor's edge, and very enjoyable to listen to.

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