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Swimming in it

Label: KRAAK

Format: Vinyl LP

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Another absolutely essential vinyl only album this time from New Zealander Greg Malcolm. Working as a perfect companion piece to the wonderful Es album, 'Swimming In It' sounds like an on-form John Fahey jamming with Morton Subotnick - it's really that good. As unusual synthesized bleeps and drones cut through Malcolm's lovingly finger picked guitar playing it is easy to realise how so many people have been touting this as a potential album of 2005. I was actually quite taken aback when I first dropped this onto the turntable because I thought I had it all figured out, I knew how it was going to sound... but as soon as the needle had made just a few revolutions I realised Greg Malcolm wasn't going to submit to my presets that easily. A few plays later and I've just about started to uncover the genius of this album; it is deep, long-lasting and beautifully subtle in every sense of the word. Buy this without delay, Kraak are absolutely on form at the moment and who knows where they might take us from here...

Cat. number: KED 01
Year: 2005