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michael ranta - hartmut geerken

The Heliopolar egg 1976
€ 135.00
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michael ranta - hartmut geerken - The Heliopolar egg 1976

michael ranta - hartmut geerken

The Heliopolar egg 1976

€ 135.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: | CATALOG N. QBICO 101 | YEAR. (2010)

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JUST ARRIVED, and wow... this is a sensational release!! Truly monumental last ever Qbico release is a feast of exotic instruments, skilful playing and spirituality. No less than six LP's, recorded in various places and various countries, with special guest Toshi Ichiyanagi on synthesizer
Hartmut Geerken
piano, prepared piano, piano strings, tibetan tingshak, water tingshak, waldteufel, mokkatam pot rattles, bells, water bells, sleigh bells, gongs, water gongs, tibetan boo-chals, water boo-chals,
musical clock, tibetan horn, singing tube, maracas, wood block, temple blocks, peking opera gongs, castagnets, lead camel bell, short-wave receiver, swarmandal, whistles,
argool, monkey drum, toy xylophone, lion bell, gopichand, egyptian cymbals & sagat, waterphone, voice, toy glockenspiele, thumb piano

Michael Ranta
mallet instruments (xylophone, marimba, metallophone, vibraphone), tabla, flexatone, castagnets, japanese oboe, argool, gongs, tamtams,
short-wave receiver, chinese violin (er-hu, jung-hu), wood block, echo machine, cup bells, indian israj, vco, vcf, vocals

Notes   Tracklisting
Limited 300 copies
LP 1 (one-sided) rec. November 25; Baghe Ferdows-Zafaranieh
in co-op with NIRT, Teheran, Iran

LP 2 rec. December 3/4; Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta, India

LP 3 rec. December 8; German Cultural Institute
in co-op with the Academy of the Arts, Dacca, Bangladesh

LP 4 rec. December 13; Abelardo Inner Green (open air)
in co-op with U.P. College of Music, Manila, Philippines
special guest: Josè "Pepito" Bosch- congas

LP 5 rec. December 15; Korea Drama Center, Seoul, Korea

LP 6 rec. December 18; Goethe-Institute, Osaka, Japan