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Robert Filliou

Whispered history of art (1963)

Label: Slowscan

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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One of the most innovative artists of the second half of the 20th century is given his legendary 1963 Whispered History of Art - at once a poem, installation, performance piece and recording. Filliou’s work challenged the role of art in everyday life through conceptual strategies and innovative techniques, based on performance, chance, wit and play. The process-based approach of Robert Filliou, united with his pursuit for an anti-individualistic art that could happen at any time and place, brought him close to George Maciunas and the other members of Fluxus.

Filliou said "I am not just interested in art, but in society of which art is one aspect. I am interested in the world as a whole, a whole of which society is one part. I am interested in the universe, of which the world is only one fragment. I am interested primarily in the Constant Creation of which the universe is only one product." For him, the work of art was a means of direct action on the world. Filliou attempted to integrate all the acts in life with artistic duty, "without worrying about whether the works are distributed or not"

Cat. number: vol. 30
Year: 2015

Edition released in 186 copies
front cover design: George Maciunas
back cover photograph: Fabrizio Garghetti, courtesy Francesco Conz ,Verona
all (c) Robert Filliou,Dick Higgins , Fabrizio Garghetti , Francesco Conz and George Maciunas
Recorded by Ondine Fiore,New Wilderness Studio,1977 New York.

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