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Luigi Nono

A Carlo Scarpa · A Pierre · Guai Ai Gelidi Mostri (Lp)

Label: Edition RZ

Format: LP

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Edition RZ’s vinyl edition of three works by Luigi Nono - a pivotal figure of the Italian avant-garde - all composed and recorded in the mid ‘80s. A lesson in fine-tuning acoustic perceptions, meant for focussed reception in keeping with Nono’s concept of “new listenings”: "This no longer means revolutionizing the entire linguistic system ie. a subversive attack on the institution of music; rather it means progressively expanding the technical possibilities of sound produced by traditional instruments and the perceptive faculties of the listener."  It includes the highly pensive and masterful use of space and silence in A Carlo Scarpa for large orchestra, plus the death sigh electronics, contrabass flute and contrabass clarinet apparitions of A Pierre, and perhaps most enticingly, a stunning 30-minute B-side piece called Guai Ai Gelidi Mostri and inhabited by “electronically treated winds”, scything strings and utterly haunting vocal swells. 

As with most everything on Edition RZ, it’s a crucial dispatch from the brink.

Cat. number: RZ 1004
Year: 2008