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Label: Rotorelief

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Reissue of a cassette released in 1991 by La Légende des voix. A sound self-portrait harsh and tortured also using some texts.
Brume (Christian Renou) is a prolific French musique concrete composer/sound sculptor who has won himself a place of his own with his crossover between sound collages, electro-acoustics and noise. His compositions rely on dense, rapid-fire montage and wed cacophony and dynamics, emphasizing both the elements of discontinuity and continuity. Why the nickname « Brume »?: he likes to create an ‘uncertain’ aesthetic side, either visual, audio or other, and to solicit the imagination of the listener, and his own before all. Brume, one of the most cutting-edge musicians in the alternative scene.

Cat. number: Rotor0060
Year: 2017

400 copies on black vinyl.

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