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Label: Edition RZ

Format: double CD + catalogue

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Beautiful edition, 2 CDs with Catalogue, 72 pages German/English. Installations - Acousmatique Concerts. Organized by Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD and Technische Universität Berlin, Artistic leadership and organization: Ingrid Beirer, Folkmar Hein, Carsten Seiffarth. With the assistance of Silke Borgstedt, Sebastien Brehmer. CD I: François Donato, Adrian Moore, David Prior, Mario Verandi, Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivila. CDII: Tom Johnson/Martin Riches, José Antonio, Orts, Ed Osborn, Ron Kuivila, Christina Kubisch, Wolfgang Mitterer.

Cat. number: RZ 10012/13
Year: 2001
Genre: Sound Art
File under: Sound installation

Two CDs housed in a polyurethane sleeve inside a 76 page spiral-bound book in German and English containing liner notes, essays, biographies and full-colour photographs of the participants and performances of the Berliner Festival Neuer Musik in 2000.