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Alexander Turnquist

Like Sunburned Snowflakes

Label: VHF Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Limited edition 45 RPM 12” of Alex Turnquist’s not-like-anyone-else guitar stylings, with 5 tracks using only plucked harmonics on his 12 string guitar. Using this limited palate of sounds, Turnquist crafts sparkling waves of notes, employing the minimalist sensibilities that have informed his more recent work (e.g. his 2011 VHF LP/CD release Hallway of Mirrors) on a smaller scale. The harmonics here are frequently struck hard and in complex patterns - this is arguably “new age” but not drifty-ambient, more Reich and Riley than Windham Hill. Sunburned Snowflakes is another intriguing experiment from one of the most forward thinking solo players out there, whose recordings are completely devoid of the Folk/Americana spirit so imbued in the genre. Limited 45RPM on lovely blue and white vinyl. “My fascination with harmonics on an acoustic guitar started as a child, from before I ever started playing I was drawn towards the warm sounds that I heard people play in brief moments. So I've had the idea for a very long time, that idea being to make an entire solo guitar recording just employing my left hand to the harmonics up and down the neck and alternating picking patterns with the right. I feel like it gives the instrument a tonal color that doesn't necessarily feel at first listen like a 12 string acoustic guitar” 

Cat. number: VHF 132
Year: 2012

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