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Included in:

    Paul Rutherford

    Neuph (1978-80)

    Label: EMANEM

    Format: CD

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    Compositions for Euphonium and Trombone, recorded 1978-80. To make his third solo album, Rutherford went into a studio with both trombone and euphonium and used over-dubbing techniques to create unique pieces involving up to four brass instruments. The only completely solo performance features the euphonium. A couple of short tracks feature the trombone played back at double speed -- one of them accompanied by a howling dog (the only other performer involved). This CD also includes two superb solo trombone improvisations recorded in Italian concerts a couple of years later. Reissue of SFA LP 092 with extra material.
    Cat. number: Emanem 4118
    Year: 2005