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luc ferrari

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luc ferrari - Jetzt

luc ferrari


€ 26.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CDx3 | CATALOG N. WER 2066 2 | YEAR. (2012)

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In 1981/1982 the French composer Luc Ferrari produced the radio play “Jetzt – oder wahrscheinlich ist dies mein Alltag, in der Verwirrung der Orte und der Augenblicke” [“NOW – or Probably This Is My Everyday Life in the Confusion of Places and Moments”] with the Hessischer Rundfunk.

Like other earlier radio plays of Ferrari, “JETZT” as “radio play on the radio play” is a special case between music, radiophonic art and narrative radio play. The dialogues between Luc Ferrari and his wife
Brunhild Ferrari, between German and French, between the places of origin of the used recordings as well as the different process stages of the radio play are unique and characteristic. Ferrari recorded everything live on tape – his arrival at the airport of Frankfurt, the setting up of the microphone, the conversations about how to proceed and about the content of the radio play – and interwove everything with recordings of the musical quartet Vivant Quartet de Narbonne. The autobiographical traces are artistically, playfully and cleverly interspersed with profound philosophical questions.

In the series ZKM milestones, Ferrari’s radio play “JETZT” is presented unabridged on CD for the first time. The accompanying CD of materials includes audio documents that shed light on his artistic work in very different ways: The excerpts from a lecture by Luc Ferrari on his view of the radio play constitute a presentation resembling a radio play. “Ferrari (r)écouté”, a competition organized by the ZKM in cooperation with hr2-kultur, presents new works based on the “JETZT” materials by
Tiziana Bertoncini, Antje Vo­winckel, Frank Niehusmann, David Fenech, and Neele Hülcker.

Notes   Tracklisting
76-page booklet with detailed information enclosed.
    JETZT - Oder Wahrscheinlich Ist Dies Mein Alltag, In Der Verwirrung Der Orte Und Der Augenblicke
1-1     Luc Ferrari –     Générique (Seq.1)     6:40     
1-2     Luc Ferrari –     Préludes (Aéroport) (Seq.2)     8:42     
1-3     Luc Ferrari –     Presque Rien (Seq.3)     17:17     
1-4     Luc Ferrari –     La Gare (Seq.4)     5:26     
1-5     Luc Ferrari –     L'Âne D'Or (Seq.5)     5:14     
1-6     Luc Ferrari –     Jeu Des Interviews (Seq.6)     4:51     
1-7     Luc Ferrari –     Promenade Symphonique (Seq.7)     7:15     
1-8     Luc Ferrari –     La Chanson De La Forêt (Seq.8)     12:54     
2-1     Luc Ferrari –     Interview N° 1 (Henry) (Seq.9)     17:19     
2-2     Luc Ferrari –     La Cantine (Seq.10)     6:31     
2-3     Luc Ferrari –     La Folie (Seq.11)     18:47     
2-4     Luc Ferrari –     C'Est La Fin (Seq.12)     12:58     
      JETZT Nachgehört
      Ferrari (r)écouté - Neue Kompositionen Aus JETZT-Material
3-1     Tiziana Bertoncini –     Nur Sand

    Composed By – Tiziana Bertoncini

3-2     Antje Vowinckel –     Ferrari Entre

    Composed By – Antje Vowinckel

3-3     Frank Niehusmann –     Scuderia Ferrari Auf Der Allee Der Kosmonauten

    Composed By – Frank Niehusmann

3-4     David Fenech –     Jetzt Melodies

    Composed By – David Fenech

3-5     Neele Hülcker –     Mon Petit Jetzt

    Composed By – Neele Hülcker

      Composer La Radio - Das Radio Komponieren (Eine Conférence Von Und Mit Luc Ferrari Und Brunhild Ferrari, Drei Ausschnitte)
3-6     Luc Ferrari & Brunhild Ferrari* –     Zur Gattung Hörspiel     13:36     
3-7     Luc Ferrari & Brunhild Ferrari* –     Kommentar Zu JETZT     6:10     
3-8     Luc Ferrari & Brunhild Ferrari* –     Über Unbegrenzte Zeit     3:41