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jurg frey

Songs and piano pieces
€ 14.90
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jurg frey - Songs and piano pieces

jurg frey

Songs and piano pieces

€ 14.90

LABEL: Edition Wandelweiser
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. ewr 1407 | YEAR. (2015)

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music that allows sounds to sound: to die away, completely, into silence sounds thought from their end: not  moving forward, but drawing back.  this creates space, expanse, a delicate serenity: silence - and what it shelters - becomes audible.  this is singing with the ears: barely more than silence.  a singing which not only makes, but becomes space: a space for worlds.  phrases are also sounds: unfolded, laid out as a path. sound paths that come into being first when followed, invariably trailing off into the distance. monody: everything is evident, defenseless, at ease. purity: inner clarity of song, that needs no external gloss." Antoine Beuger

“(song)” (2004) Katrin Zenz (bass flute). “Onissia” (2002) Yannis Samprovalakis (bass clarinet). “Syrna” (2000) Kostas Tiliakos (oboe). “Four piano pieces” (1996-1999) Anastassis Philippakopoulos (piano). “Piano 3 (1994-revised 1997) Anastassis Philippakopoulos (piano). Recorded: 1998-2005 Studio Kyriasis, Halandri, Athens.


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