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eva-maria houben

Organ Sonatinas And Drones
€ 14.50
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eva-maria houben - Organ Sonatinas And Drones

eva-maria houben

Organ Sonatinas And Drones

€ 14.50

LABEL: Edition Wandelweiser
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CDx2 | CATALOG N. EWR 1707/08 | YEAR. (2017)

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'Sonatina no. 1' (2016). 'Sonatina no. 2' (2016). 'Sonatina no. 3' (2016). 'drones' (2014). Carson Cooman, organ. Eva-Maria Houben has been performing works for the organ for more than 30 years. As she is related to the “wandelweiser-group” of composers, her compositions are published by “edition wandelweiser”, Haan. Her list of compositions up to now includes works for the organ, piano, clarinet, trombone, violoncello and other solo instruments, works for voice and piano, for wind and chamber ensembles, for orchestra and for voice and orchestra, works for choir.

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       sonatina no. 1 (2016)
1    lento sognante (dreamily slow)
2    come un' ombra movente (like a moving shadow)
3    con una leggerezza fantasiosa (with an odd lightness)


      sonatina no. 2 (2016)
1   sogni confusi (confused dreams)
2   come un leggero vapore iridato (like a rainbow-colored mist)
3   con una lenta e grave eleganza (with a dignified and slow elegance)
      sonatina no. 3

4   sognante / ”sogno    marittimo”    (dreamy / “sea-dream”)
5   come un inno. da molto lontano: uscendo dalla foschia
    (like a hymn. from very far away: appearing out of the fog)
6   con una grande dolcezza (with great tenderness)

7   drones (2014)