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Maurizio Bianchi

Symphony for a Genocide

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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2014 repress of these classic M.B. albums (M.B. = Maurizio Bianchi, for those of you who haven't been saved yet). These were first reissued in 1998 by EEs'T (a division of Alga Marghen) and are now back again. Symphony... was the first M.B. album, issued in 1981, at the gates of the industrial noise revolution (it was also reissued on CD in the U.S. on Hospital Productions). "ArcheoMB" is the title given to the complete reprint of old M.B. records and here is part 1. EEs'T Records and M.B. collaborated on this project, well understanding the value of these early works and their importance in the evolution of M.B. The sound has been improved for this digital edition from original master tapes and under the supervision of M.B. himself. All CDs feature the original artwork plus the complete historical documentation (liner notes, reviews, statements). Symphony... was first issued on the Sterile label in the UK in an edition of 200 copies. M.B.: electronics, effects, rhythms. Symphony... is the most extreme music you're ever likely to hear. There are seven tracks, all consisting of a never-changing hissing or clanking rhythm, electronic effects over the top and a wall of distortion somewhere in the middle. This is the sound of industrial music, not T.G. Maximum electronics! Three bonus tracks first issued on Bain Total's International Compilation 2 in 1980.

Cat. number: MB 002CD
Year: 2014

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