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iannis xenakis

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iannis xenakis - Kraanerg

iannis xenakis


€ 22.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: DVD | CATALOG N. mode 196dvd | YEAR. (2008)

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Kraanerg (1968) for 23 instruments and 4-channel tape. Callithumpian Consort. Stephen Drury, conductor. First recording with restored analog tape. Kraanerg is one of Xenakis' most popular - and infamous - works. A visceral and highly charged score for woodwinds, brass, and strings along with quadrophonic tape. The title, Kraanerg, is a composite of two Greek words: 'kraan', meaning to perfect, to accomplish; and erg, signifying energy. Commissioned for the gala opening of the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa, Canada in 1968, Kraanerg originally was the score to a ballet choreographed by Roland Petit with 'op-art' sets by Victor Vasarely. According to Xenakis' program notes, the title also referred to the 'current youth movements' - 1968 was a significant year in modern social history - and to his utopian vision of the upcoming 'biological struggle between generations unfurling all over the planet, destroying existing political, social, urban, scientific, artistic and ideological frameworks on a scale never before attempted by humanity.' This powerful statement can be felt in the music. The dramatic 4-channel tape is derived from a recording of the orchestra, transformed and distorted. Its sonic textures kaleidoscopically expand the range of expression while at the same time remaining connected to the instrumental material. The 4-channel tape has been restored for this release from high-resolution transfers of the analog masters by German electronic composer Daniel Teige - revealing greater details in the texture and a wider dynamic range than previously heard on any Kraanerg recording. 96khz-24-bit high resolution recording.

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