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quentin rollet - jean-marc foussat

Entrée Des Puys De Grêle
€ 13.00
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quentin rollet - jean-marc foussat - Entrée Des Puys De Grêle

quentin rollet - jean-marc foussat

Entrée Des Puys De Grêle

€ 13.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. FRCD30 | YEAR. (2019)

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The french electroacoustic improvising trio of synth player and engineer Jean-Marc Foussat (Fou Records) with the father/son pair of saxophonist Quentin Rollet (Workshop De Lyon) and drummer/percussionist Christian Rollet (Rectangle Records, Bisou), in a rich, intensifying and often enthusiastically exploding set of extended and masterful improvisations piano."Divided into two shorter and one over-long track, Entrée des Pays de grête reflects the, near-anarchistic spirit of 1968, but with enough contemporary sophistication to keep it from becoming a NewThing nostalgia trip. From the first, the program begin with buzzing reeds, ring modulator pings and back-beat drumming and ends with a track that combines a literal martial drum beat with layers of amplified and overdubbed processed voices playing hide-and-seek among the textures produced by clicking throbs from the synthesizer and Q. Rollet’s staccato squeals. Centepiece however is “Au Fond Des Puys”, which is almost twice the length of the other two selections combined. As drum beats sprawl across the sound field and the accelerating Foussat-created vocal chorus swells to Wagnerian proportions, while mixing with watery oscillations, the saxophonist punctuates the blurry onslaught with split tones, flutter tonguing and jagged timbre explorations. By the time Rollet’s trills become so discordant that they begin to resemble the output from comb-and-tissue paper blowing, the backing follows suit, with lawnmower-like drone and signal processed almost surmounting the vibrated reed slurs. Finally stasis is reached as the drum beat moderates and follows the saxophone’s buzzes and whistles fading into the background."

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