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rhythm section - fred van hove

Hear Here Now
€ 13.00
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rhythm section - fred van hove - Hear Here Now

rhythm section - fred van hove

Hear Here Now

€ 13.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. k055 | YEAR. (2007)

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Rhythm Section is an occasional duo of Peter Jacquemyn and Tatsuya Nakatani who toured in the spring of 2007 in Europe. In Belgium they have been accompanied by Fred Van Hove on piano and accordion. '... The strong-minded participants in this event are not bound to let his happen, though. A thousand megawatts bassist and a percussionist of the same calibre will not let themselves be pushed to the background. They demand their role at the forefront, by making a hell of a racket for instance, especially on the long track ÔHear'. Flexing their muscles, showing their teeth, it is all part of this suspenseful game of 'peace keeping', which only slightly slows down after some thirty minutes (at which point Fred Van Hove is bent into his piano's innards)... ' Didier Wijnants (Excerpt from the liner notes). Jacquemyn is an energetic double bass player and visual artist who has a well respected reputation in the international improv scene. Tatsuya Nakatani originally hails from Osaka, Japan but resides in New York. He's an inventive drummer who likes to use his own instrumentation and extended techniques. He regularly performs with people like Ken Vandermark, Peter Brötzmann, Sabir Mateen, Nmperign... Their guest for this performance, Fred Van Hove, also has an established reputation in the world of improvisation. Already in the mid sixties he was playing together with Han Bennink, Peter Kowald, Mani Neumeier, Peter Kowald... The combination of their forces makes for a unique concert registration.

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