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Música Electroacústica, Música Electroacústica (Time), Jóvenes C
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various - Música Electroacústica, Música Electroacústica (Time), Jóvenes C


Música Electroacústica, Música Electroacústica (Time), Jóvenes C

€ 13.50

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. CP 170-171 CD | YEAR. (2019)

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Creel Pone reproduction of a pair of LPs released by EGREM - Empresa De Grabaciones Y Ediciones Musicales's - via their Areito imprint in 1984 & 1987, respectively, covering the Cuban Electro-Acoustic scene in the early 80s. Featuring both the work of "Storied" Composers such as Juan Piñera, Edesio Alejandro, Julio Roloff & Juan Marcos Blanco working out of the Estudios EGREM - "using 5 Tape Recorders" - and that of a younger, "Jovenes" generation; Fernando Rodriguez, José Manuel García Suárez, Miguel Bonachea, Mirtha De La Torre - all working out of the ICAP Estudio Electroacústico in 1984.

As with the prior Juan Blanco "Twofer" of Early Cuban Electro-Acoustic music, what makes these pieces unique - on a global scale - is their adherence to traditional folk forms & instrumentation, wrapping the rhythms of Conga, Bongo, & Cajon players around purely Electronic timbres & Tape-Edit sensibilities; several of the pieces borrow the Clave & assorted rhythmic frameworks of Cuban music, mapping them to Synthesized sounds in a rather compelling & gratifying way. Even the more "Academic" -minded Musique Concrète pieces - largely dark, drawn-out affairs of atonal Electronic clouding & more heaven & hell -oriented conceptual trappings ala André Almuro - have a specific energy that is as far away from the more ascetic ends of the traditional European modes as you can get - plus, I love how the "Jovenes" pieces take cues from more populist ends of Electronic music; Progressive Rock, Space Music, etc.

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