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ghedalia tazartes

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ghedalia tazartes - Tazartes

ghedalia tazartes


€ 15.90

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. TES 089CD | YEAR. (2015)

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Remastered CD edition of Tazartès, Ghédalia Tazartès' 1987 fourth LP. Now available as an expanded individual CD, this edition was previously only available as part of a CD containing both Tazartès and Diasporas, Tazartès' 1979 debut album, which is also now available in an expanded CD edition (TES 088CD). Immersive, transporting, and deeply arresting music from the revered autodidact and audio oddity. If you've never encountered Tazartès before, this is an excellent place to start, welcoming you to a unique world of exotic, electro, and acoustic sounds, composed according to a genuinely far-reaching and individual agenda. In addition to the entire original release of Tazartès, this CD also includes the first CD release of "Whatever Works Singing Wild My Rock Ghédalia," recorded in Paris in the early '80s and originally issued as side B of Granny Awards (ALGA 036LP). Spread over five tracks, the piece features a comedic, exuberant vocal set to crackly 78 backing on "Whatever," turns blind corners into ethno-noise trance-outs on "Singing," delivers hyper-rhythmic experiments on "Wild," and closes with a jarring hardcore punk-out in "My Rock Ghédalia." The freedom of expression and taste for exotic, arabesque tonalities is a mighty revelation.

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1   Un Amour Si Grand Qu'il Nie Son Objet (9:37)
2   La Vie Et La Mort Légendaire Du Spermatozoïde Humuch Lardy (3:50)
3   La Berlue Je T'aime (3:02)
4   Quasimodo Tango (2:50)
5   Reviens (2:03)
6   La Fin Du Prologue (4:39)
7   Ouverture Fragile (4:05)
8   Rien Qu'au Soleil (2:19)
9   Mourir Un Peu (3:45)
10   Rien N'est Assez Fort Pour Dire (2:54)
11   Une Voix S'en Va (2:02)
12   Merci Stéphane (6:44)
13   Le Crabe Ne Joue Jamais À La Poupée (1:59)
14   Yama Yama (3:11)
15   Un Ivrogne Sur Le Mont Blanc (6:41)
16   Elle Eut Des Étouffement Aux Premières Chaleurs Quand Les Poiriers Fleurirent (8:35)
17   Comme Cherchant À Comprendre (4:09)
18   Voulez-vous? (5:51)